NIN Album pretty much here

Okay, miracle of the internet, you can listen to the entire new NIN album called WITH TEETH via link provided by NIN website:

NIN WITH TEETH I am currently listening through the album and I would say that on one side it is very typical NIN stuff, on the other side the sound is stunning and the material wonderfully simple and complex at the same time. Truth is Trest isn’t as young as he was (and neither am I) but he can still really rock senseless which is truly nice.

Typical for NIN, the lead single is, well, not entirely like the rest of the album. This is another very intense, very personal trent record and the moods go from pissed off to frustrated to shivering in the corner scared to death to hopeful. Although this really is only a single album (13 tracks, I gather) it is very full and the sound quality is truly stunning in clarity and depth, even on the sort of compressed sound that comes from the above link combined with your computer sound card.

Trent Reznor has indicated that there are many more songs already on the drawing board on sitting in the can, so I am hoping that this album will be followed up in 12 – 18 months by another outing. NIN certainly fell on hard times, the move from New Orleans west was apparently quite an adventure, and it seems to have changed the sounds and textures of this album a bit, all for the good. I will be lined up to buy the album, you should to.

New NIN album coming…

The new Nine Inch Nails record is on the way, and the first single “the hand that feeds” is starting to show up on radio all over the world. If you have a fast connection (no dialup please!), you can go to their website (which is really weird a funky) and check out the video for the new song. 35meg download, so you better be ready!

click here for the new nine inch nails video – once you are their, click on the graphic under 03-17-05 (it looks a little like a barcode).

You need quicktime to be able to see this.